We are Business Coaches & Advisors with over 20 years of corporate presence in international and local financial industry.

We are driven to use our experience, passion and skills to turn your numbers into smart decisions. As business catalysts, we are committed to help you make success a reality.

Our mission is to promote TRUST as the main ingredient of a meaningful difference. We believe in it, build on it, expand its energy towards others. We see trust as an empowerment tool for business & organisational growth and for employee engagement.





Business Coaching
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by Angel Investor - Emma Popa Radu on Business Coaching
I recommend Monica for coaching

“I recommend Monica for coaching, both for personal objectives as well as for professional issues. She has a very practical approach, which helped me clarify the specific situations I wanted to address, find different angles to assess them, and concrete approaches which had not been obvious to myself alone. Monica is very relational, comes across as calm, balanced and empathetic. This created for me a “safe environment” where I felt listened to, and where I had the space to explore deeper the issues I was working on. Monica is very enthusiastic about her work and she spreads that energy during sessions. I was always looking forward to our sessions, even though sometimes the work was intense and followed by complex emotional ramifications.”

by CEO - Marius Popescu on Business Coaching
Monica has a great sense of structure

“Monica has a great sense of structure combined with empathy. In my coach training experience, I thought she would become one of the better coaches in my team. I liked very much working with her!”

by General Manager - Cristian Jeler on Business Coaching
I take this opportunity to recommend

“I take this opportunity to recommend Monica Dudoiu as a Business Coach. Thank you, Monica, for walking by my side, giving me the desired boost in my professional life! Monica is a systemic Business Coach who brings a lot of structure, attention and empathy in the coaching sessions. Following her attentive and guided invitation, without any trace of judgement or critics, to focus on all aspects of my life, including team relationships, work, but also family dynamics, I succeeded in provoking myself to realize certain things from other perspectives, maybe insufficiently explored. Thanks to Monica, I succeeded to see solutions of blocked paths and, with clarity, to make things right and continue on more discovered desired direction. I wish you accompany others in their internal dialogue with the same passion and efficiency.”

by Production Manager - Cristina Aly on Business Coaching
How did I start? Without fear, as I am open to new things

“How did I start? Without fear, as I am open to new things, and, yet, with many questions, and trying to imagine what I had to solve. My imagination and scenarios about the process had nothing to do with reality. I thought I would find precise answers why things, my communication in particular, did not work out the way I wanted to. Instead, I found a person who guided my steps to find my own answers, to find my own balance in critical situations, helping me understand that I needed to find creative solutions to my problems, rather than focus on blaming people or unfavorable situational contexts.”

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