-A Mission-

Our mission is to assist YOU through coaching become better at what you do, at who you are. Better at understanding why you do what you do. Better at leading your personal and professional life, your career path or your own business towards improved results and growth.

Science discovered that behaviors are adjusted when you spot the added value, the benefits. Good communication, persistence, drive or the ability for massive action toward your personal or business goals are polished in time, in a process, with the help of awareness and a desire to grow. Thus, they become traits that positively influence behavior and help you shape how you express yourself in the environment. Coaching ensures the right assistance in this process, being strictly confidential and profoundly non-judging, following only your agenda, for your development, creative solutions and direction.

-Not Psychotherapy- 

To mean something, coaching invites you to open up and get ready to embrace your past and honor it, while looking forward to the best possible future. Coaching will not diagnose illnesses or pathologies that can be clinically treated.

Shared ideas and guided dialogue (about yourself or your business) bring up the right kind of light and clarity. Through coaching you look forward to measurable actions, not on analysis of your past as a tool for understanding the present. It may use past perceptions or emotional hints related to the reasoning of your past actions, only to understand what worked and what didn’t, or to identify some problematic behavior, but it is always forward looking to concrete actions and measurable results of your medium and long term objectives.

-Not Consulting or Training-

Through coaching you arrive at your own solutions in the process, with the help of coach’s educated skills of active listening, direct communication, open questioning, mirroring or trained intuitive perceptions. It may benefit at times (if requested) from examples of what worked for others or some already tested key paths to follow, yet the only guidance you will follow, adapt, adjust and ultimately implement is based on solutions emerging from your own brain and gut.

-What You actually Get-

Benefiting of such a unique space found only in a coaching conversation leads to:

  • clarity about what drives your decisions – a superior degree of self-awareness related to your top needs, values, frames of reference and how they shape your thoughts, behaviors and actions;
  • an increased efficiency in being able to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your business to create a strategy for success;
  • more room for new perspectives and new learning, along with more alignment between expectations and reality;
  • more focus and trust on the process, direction, resources to be tackled in order to achieve individual or business strategical objectives;